Everyday I'm Hustling...

Truth be told these last few months have been a rollercoaster ride. Ups, downs and never ending excitement. After spending the last eight months out west in Colorado I am officially home to recollect myself and breathe. Yet, as comforting as waking up and working out of my art studio is, the hustle must continue. Yes, now that I am home in my familiar environment it does make things a bit easier in terms of doing/receiving contract work and having my studio and resources at my finger tips. But at the same time my heart does have a small ache in it for leaving behind Colorado. Thankfully I am fortunate to be able to survive and live bicoastally at the moment, thus I will be back "home" on the west coast come winter.
Anyway, just to clarify it feels good to sit down at my office desk and write this blog. It's been a long time coming and to be honest it has been a bit difficult for me ( I've only been home for a few weeks) to put into words what and how I want to express myself in regards to coming home. There is still a small part of me that feels like I caved and gave in by not trying hard enough to work things out financially, mentally and emotionally in Colorado. Yet, sitting here surrounded by work, deadlines and a strong group of supportive friends has made me realize the right decision was made and I am just being hard on myself.
Anyone can up and leave their comfort zone to explore, wander and pursue new places, ideas and passions. I do this on a regular basis. However, there is also a time and place when one should consider stepping back to look at the bigger picture and realize what is most important and best for that person's pursuit of happiness. For me, this involved saying goodbye to my best friend, new boating buddies and potential freelance work to come home to my art studio, old friends, family and a semi-established work network. Having felt like I have been neglecting my east coast family and work network for awhile now, it only felt best in my gut and heart to return home and reconnect those relationships so that I could carry that confidence and work structure back with me to Colorado.
Many people take a look at my life or hear my stories and think damn that sounds like an epic adventure, always moving always doing crazy stuff and getting paid for it. And yes I can't lie my life has been awesome and I wouldn't change a thing. However, with all the bells and whistles, intense Instagram pics, gorgeous sunsets and highlights shown on social media there is another side to every story. When I am not posting pictures of whitewater kayaking major rapids or snowboarding huge drops or even hyped up GoPro Mtn. Game contests I am sitting behind my office desk or better yet out and about hustling for that next gig, big break or client to impress. Yes, I get paid to do what most people pay others to do on a week long vacation, but it doesn't just fall into my lap. Tons of emails, random encounters, mass social marketing and definitively plenty of rejection finally gets me to beautiful mountains or raging rapids.
If there is one thing I have learned best in the past eight months it is that no matter how good you are at photographing, nor how long you have been doing it, always stay humble, it's okay to ask for help and never take for granted those who help support you and your passion. Passion will only take you so far, yet perseverance can take you to the finish line. Thus, as long as you are willing to put in the time, sweat and work it takes, the dream will continue. Here's to living the dream one moment at a time.