A Work In Progress

Happiness is key to which destiny will prevail. Keep on living, loving and laughing. This was my senior quote in High School. At the time that I wrote it I didn’t realize how important or significant it would become as a mantra in my life. I just knew that I was on a deadline and needed to come up with something witty, original and less cheesy than everyone else.
Why am I bringing this up now you might ask? Well, to be honest, recently I have been taking a few short trips down memory lane mentally and physically. At the moment I write this I am in the process of sifting threw the last 10 years of my life and career in New York and organizing it into neat little boxes. Some boxes are to be given away or sold; some are to keep for the moment in my parents basement or my second home in Colorado and the rest well, with me in my car of course.
What is the purpose of all this? The simple answer, to move my company and self permanently to Colorado in the fall. Chasing the work, powder, and whitewater, all while living the dream! Don’t get me wrong I love the North Country and my New York home but the time has come for me to start a new chapter in my life. If there is one thing I have learned it is that change is inevitable. And that all good things must come to an end. My time in New York has reached its potential for the moment, so I must chase the adventures West.
I have never been one to embrace change at least not willingly. Yet, recently I have learned that without change one can become complacent and bored in the process. One of my main goals in life and my career is to keep moving, evolving so that I can live up to my fullest potential. It’s never too late to learn and grow.
These last few months have been a great eye opener to the things I love, enjoy and other things which I want to improve on within my career and personal life. As of this moment the only constants I am continuing with are travel and photography. I will still be working and traveling on both sides of the country even though I am moving my permanent location to Colorado. It’s all about finding a happy balance between work and play.
In addition to the move, I have decided to narrow down my photography field once again to concentrate more on the areas and topics I am most passionate about; snowboarding and whitewater. For the last few years, these two sports have become very important passions in my life personally and professionally. As I grow as a company and person I want to push the limits within these areas in terms of events, lifestyle and people. I hope that by narrowing down my interests, putting all my effort into specific genres of my life, that it will not only help my career progress but also make me a better athlete in my personal life. In addition, I will still be skateboarding, riding BMX and shooting personal projects and portraits but only as filler to keep my creativity alive and well. Time to put my best foot forward, hunker down and get organized. I am beyond stoked and grateful for all my East Coast friends and family who have supported me and helped me out through good and bad times. Looking forward to new experiences, clients, challenges and rewards in the future. Let the adventure continue!