What is Burning Man?

So I have been so caught up and amped about going to Burning Man and creating this project that I realized today when someone commented that not everyone knows what Burning Man is or the history behind it. I know that some people have ideas or have heard rumors of what this event entails. I also am aware that there are many misconceptions of this festival ie. "it's one big druggie rave" or "a hippy-fest of nudity, and chaos. Well, to help rid people of these ignorant ideas and to spread some light on one of if not the LARGEST arts festival in the world, here are few links to the actual history, creation, video's created at the festival and the ever growing community called "Burning Man". Feel free to ask questions below in the comments or email me at jbeans24@gmail.com.
Unfortunately the links are not working in the actual body of the text. I have put the links below in the comments for all who are interested.