Computers, Slide film, adventures... OH MY!

Finally got my computer back and away we go! Traveling, traveling, traveling seems to be my motto right now. I have not felt this motivated (and exhausted in a really LONG time). This week already I have been quite productive; talked to a trustworthy lab in Denver Colorado that is sending me mailers for my slide film from Burning Man. One thing checked off the "To DO" list 18 more to go!I have also made multiple trips to Barnes and Nobles on my travels (and yes REAL bookstores do still exist) to read up on classic "Once Upon a Time" stories. I have started a list of my top 5 to loosely structure my book on and/or take notes from. They are in this order:
1. Alice in Wonderland
2. Little Red Riding Hood
3.Peter Pan
4.Robin Hood
5.Hansel and Gretel
So I am taking a poll in the comments below let me know your top five.
On another note I have been trying to enjoy (as much as possible) the little time I am home in the Adirondacks to explore Fall and all it's beauty.Recenty my partner in crime Hanah and I have been doing numerous impromtu photo shoots near our home,in the woods and abandon spaces.
Here are a few images from the collection to entice you with
You can check them out on my company facebook page