Fighting the good fight!

Sadly I am writing to you yet again from my phone. Fingers crossed my computer will be back up and running tomorrow afternoon. On a good yet also sad note I managed to retrieve the last roll of film from my camera for my Burning Man project. The roll is slightly dented since I had to pry open the camera semi-forcefully because the winder broke the last day. Unfortunately my Nikon FE is now laid to rest. Since I am doing this entry on my phone I have been having issues uploading pictures. Kind of ironic since this is a photography blog. However, if you would like to see a very sad photo of my cameras demise you can check it out on my Instagram @Jnine24. Let's hope tomorrow runs alittle smoother shall we. To live out ones dreams and accomplish ones goals one must face challenges along the way. Here's to trying to always look on the bright side.