I'm Coming Home...very soon.

This morning I was fortunate enough to be home in NY for a few hours to retrieve my Burning Man slides from the post office. I only had time to look through a handful of them but what I saw looks epic! I have butterflies like no other in my stomach right now. Fortunately or unfortunately my excitement must wait another week and a half since I am back on the road for work and then photographing a whitewater festival called Moosefest on the Moose River in Old Forge New York this weekend. Oh but the gears are turning and I can't jot down my ideas fast enough. Due to copyright and legal jargo I unfortunately can't show you any sneak peak images yet of my slides. However, here is a fun instagram teaser. I promise to show you snippets of images from my book as I go along once my material is approved next month. So stay tuned for all things Once Upon a Time, Burning Man and adventure!!!!