Once Upon a Storyboard... (The Process Part 2)

So since my last sleepless update I have been fortunate enough to well be sleeping better. In addition, I am home again and ideas in my head are out of control. In a previous blog (Once Upon a Time... The Process Round 1) I mentioned a little bit of insight into how i organize my thoughts for creating this story. In the blog I will show you how i am doing it step by step. Here is the breakdown...
Step by Step How-To Storyboarding a Photo book.
Scarp wood/particle board, poster board, paper Gesso paint (or white paint of any sort) Paint brush Bowl (or tray for paint) 4ft Strips of adhesive velcro Decent scissors Photos (Printer of some sort or go to local store to make simple 4x6) Recordable camera (to make a time lapse) I used a GOPRO Hero 3 I have Tripod Some free time...
1. Select images you want to use for publication
2. get approval for said images (Woohooo thumbs up happy dance!)
3. Print out 4x6 jpeg images to visually use. (You don't need an expensive printer cause these are just for visual purpose. I Used an HP Deskjet F4480 and printed on some random photo paper I had lying around)
4. Find an old scrap piece of wood (or you can use poster board paper, etc. I had wood lying around taking up space in my studio so...)
5.Paint wood (or board of choice) white with gesso (or any blank color you like. White works best because it doesn't distract from the images and reminds me of a blank page in a book)
6.Take your velcro and cut it into approximately inch strips. (Both sides)
7.Take the scruffy side of the velcro and adhere it to your board in neat little rows (You can do as many or as few as you like depending on the amount of photos. I choice to do 6 across leaving space at the bottom for more photos in the future.
8. Next take the other side of the velcro attach to your photos and begin arranging them on the board.
9. Rearrange photos to your desired local (or at least for the moment).
10. Lastly step back and stare at your beautiful storyboard that is going to become your best friend and worst enemy for the next several months.
And that in a nutshell is how I have created the first steps to visually outlining the story for my book. Unfortauntely I am still having trouble getting links to show up in the body of my blog so to check out a time-lapse of my process either copy this link http://youtu.be/Hd-TakGtKvY or hit up the link below in the comments section.