Plan B

Well, when life hands you lemons you make lemonade right? So far it has been over three weeks and still no word from the Burning Man committee about my copyright approval. Yes, these things take time, so in leu of circumstances I have decided to not let myself feel anxious, frustrated or sad but to instead take all of the emotions I have been putting into this project so far and turning to PLAN B.
I have had a dream/goal for the past five years to create a piece, a book if you will that expresses my truest fears,and desires through visual imagery. It hasn't been until now that I realized the timing is right, I need to put aside my doubts, buck up and do it. So for the moment I am turning to Plan B, to imagine and create a similar storyline, with alternative imagery to present my story to the world.
What is plan B you may ask, well it's a combination of things. First off it is the power to accept that my Burning Man experience and all I have to show for it is only one step in the process to my final project( at least for the time being). Secondly, that ideas and emotions are transferable to other resources,materials and matters of display. Lastly, that I am my own critic. I must break down the walls I have set up and create from the heart. They say when one door closes another one opens. Chapter One: The Awakening...