Recharging Ones Batteries.

It's not often that I get a chance to take multiple days off from the daily grind of work. Not to say that all my job(s) or art projects are necessarily work, just that everyone once a season it's great where all at once things line up to make for a perfect mini vacation. Well, this past week was just that. I was fortunate enough to put down the laptop, close the lids on smelly chemicals and breath in the fresh adirondack air. With mother nature shaking me free from my cabin fever and pitching me head first into powdery snow, sunshine and semi-tolerable temperatures. I once again got out of my comfort zone and headed straight for the woods, with camera(s) and friends in tow. In the last four days, I snowboarded knee deep powder, lapped tree runs at the local mountain until the sun went down, snowshoed right out my backdoor and to top it off spent today partaking in a 7 mile tele ski mission through some of the most beautiful terrain I have experienced since fall. I am sore, tired yet feel the best I have felt in months!
So to everyone my best advice is that no matter how much money you make, what you do for a living, where you live or how young/old you are don't let life simply pass you by. Take the time to say to yourself and your friends and family "it's time to take a small break" from the internet world, from corporate jobs, from multi tasking until you are blue in the face. Everybody needs and deserves a few days to recharge their batteries, let go of schedules, and just be one with yourself and those around you.