Just another day in paradise!

In less than a week I am on the road and off to Woodward Action Sports Camp in PA for my tenth summer. While there I will be helping run a recreation program built around photography and videography with the use of GoPro Hero 3 and 3+ cameras. As always I am super stoked and blessed to be part of such amazing and support of companies. And am passionate about spreading my love for photography and videography anyway I can.
As some of you know from my previous posts I have been non-stop shooting and filming with my own GoPro Hero 3 camera; making kayaking and rafting edits. Today I stepped away from that and took my camera on a little hike in the ADK. It turned out to be a great day (for the most part minus the down pour of rain for the last half a mile hike out) on the Siamese Pond Trail. I have to say as excited as I am to change things up a bit and spend the next 8 weeks teaching, riding bikes and skateboarding at camp I am going to miss paddling and hiking at home. Well, a wise man once said we can't have it all. So I am making every moment count. Here's to new experiences to come and living for the now!