Through rain, wind, sleet or hail the photographer always prevails!

So the last three days I have spent shedding blood, sweat and tears (literally) to help with gate setup and photographing of the 57th Annual Whitewater Derby on the Hudson River in North River New York. And now as I sit at the awards banquet awaiting the race results, all I think of is how stoked I am about the last few days and when do I get to do it again!
This January I made a vow to myself not only professionally but personally, to try to take every job, every photo shoot, every event and be in the present, living in that moment as much as possible. So far in the past 5 months I feel more alive and in tune with my surroundings and others than I have in a LONG time.
So in honor of enjoying the moment and being fully involved in my work (and play) I leave you with a few amazing moments that I captured at the race today. For all photos please visit and click on heading whitewater derby.