Xmas came early this year!

It's official summer has begun! I woke this morning a bit disoriented that I wasn't in my own bed and then I realized I was back home in PA with my summer family at Woodward Camp. After what seemed like hours of meetings, safety seminars and general walk throughs I got to start the fun part of my day; unpacking. And oh man did I have a LONG day of unpacking ahead of me. It was like xmas exploded in the office! GoPro out did themselves this year and blessed us with everything a kid could imagine to play with... and then some. We are running the latest GoPro Hero 3+ Blacks & Silvers plus every accessory they have made to date!
As I lost count of the number of boxes I carried into my office, all I could think was how excited I am to try out everything and help these kids create the most epic footage and photos they can. At the same time I was wondering where I was going to put all this stuff!(The office is big but not that big) Thankfully I grew up with a mother who's middle name was "organization" and got straight to work on inventory, counting, unboxing and labeling until my eyes went cross.
As I write this, I find myself sitting back in my desk chair, breathing a sigh of relief that everything made it to it's proper place with little difficulty. Tomorrow is our first day of camp with kids arriving as early as 8am! Then it is (at least for me) 8 weeks of teaching, photographing and filming like a rockstar.
On a side note I have decided this summer to do a GoPro related "project" to push myself to learn all the ins and outs of the cameras and capabilities of the accessories so that I can give these kids the best hands on knowledge around. The "project" idea I thought up last night is that I am going to do a GoPro Hero "Photo A Day" and then at the end of the 8 weeks at camp create some kind of slideshow, contact sheet or collage out of all of them. So since I am stating this out loud, and on the inter-webs, it is now official and will start tomorrow. I will be posting all photos to a folder on my facebook page: Jeanine Newell Photography. So to follow all my epic moments this summer hit like on my page and hold on for a wild ride. Now to bed to dream about what photo and accessory I want to try out first.