Camp Life 2014

So I know I have definetly been slacking in the social media blogging part of my life. However, I have been super busy and active with my latest project and working at Woodward Action Sports Camp in the GoPro Digital Lab. Since June I have been putting in countless hours teaching young minds the ins and outs of GoPro Hero 3+ cameras, GoPro's latest software Cineform Studio and imovie 10.6 This is my 10th season at camp and I couldn't be happier. Surrounded by a great staff, talented riders and skaters each day is exciting and full of energy.
The last 4 weeks have flown by like the blink of an eye leaving me more excited and humbled than I have in years. Between teaching, shooting a personal project and riding my bike I have little time to do anything else.If you don't already know or havent' caught up on my latest endeavor, I am doing a 2 month long project titled "GoPro Photo A Day 2014" where I am photographing 1 image a day using a GoPro Hero 3 and/or 3+ All images are being uploaded to my Jeanine Newell Facebook page and to my website under the heading Projects 2014. Originally this idea was just a way to keep my creative engery up while at camp and to see if I could push the limits of myself and the camera to its fullest within the realm of still photography. Now each week as I look back upon what I have shot, I feel that this photographic journey has taken on so much more. As I was talking to my best friend Betsy the other day I decided that I want to push my series even further, to potentially a small book idea or gallery proposal and just see what happens.
It is fascinating to me when an artist takes a simple idea and runs with it. I have come up with and tried to push many creative ideas lately yet some which may seem cool at first, also seem very forced. While other ideas such as my GoPro photo a day which on the surface seemed so common, is turning into something so compelling that I can't stop thinking about it. Thus, each day that I look at the project individually and as a whole I am starting to see more and more the creation of a story unfolding before my eyes. It is not only a photographic diary of camp life but also a great depiction of insight into my mind set and focus in life as a whole at this time.
In the coming weeks I hope to continue to forge forward in creating unique images that capture my time at Woodward Camp. Below are a few of the images from past weeks. To check out all images and keep up to date with my project follow me on Facebook at Jeanine Newell Photography and/or go to heading Projects 2014.