Closing time...

As I sit here writing this I have so many things running through my head yet, I can not for the life of me get that catchy 90's song "closing time" to leave me alone. On that note, my time this summer teaching and running the GoPro Lab at Woodward Camp is quickly coming to an end. And as a wise man once said "all good things must come to an end". Hopefully though (fingers crossed) I will be continuing my partnership with Woodward and working with the Digital program at Copper mountain in Colorado this winter.
Along with my summer life style, my "GoPro Photo A Day 2014" project must also see it's final resting place. It has been an amazing summer, with great co-workers, awesome campers, updated facilities and a project that turned out to be just the artistic push I needed. On a positive note my best friend Betsy and I are headed out on a BMX/Burning Man Cross Country trip for 3 weeks. So there will be no shortage of new projects, photo shoots and networking for the month of August. We will be camping out along the way, hitting up potential spots, trails and parks. To top it all off I will be back at Burning Man August 24th to continue with material for the book I started proposing last year. All things in good time. So for now I am going to continue living the dream at Woodward Camp shooting, riding bikes, networking and loving life.
To check out my "GoPro Photo A Day 2014" project so far and follow my progress you can either LIKE my facebook page: Jeanine Newell Photography and look up the photo album by the same name or go to my website under the header Projects 2014. Enjoy!