"Bikes, Babes & Burning Man" 2014

In less than 24hrs I am leaving home for approximately the next 4 weeks for my latest project titled: "Bikes, Babes & Burning Man." I will be heading out west traveling around the country documenting my best friend Betsy and I's adventures. This project has been almost a year in planning and is finally becoming a reality. I am super stoked about taking on this trip and a bit nervous too. We don't have any solid plans other than riding bikes, camping and ending up at Burning Man Arts Festival. In one way it is invigorating that the country is our oyster and we can do as little or as much as we want. In another, my heart and head are a bit anxious because I have spent the last 3 months living and working with a very organized daily schedule.
As always, when I take on any project or adventure I try to do as much research or planning as I can. But the hardest and also one of the most exciting parts about most of my trips is having the freedom to be creative, spontaneous and to document life "as true" to my experience as possible. At the moment Betsy and I have talked over many ideas regarding this project such as a Vblog or a photo a day segment. There was even a late night conversation about fragmented video snippets turned into a abstract showing of life and culture on the road. All in all I feel confident that something epic will come from our journey to be shared with all of you whether it be video form, gallery and/or book related. So I bid you all farewell for at least a little while. I will try my best to keep everyone up to date on our adventure through this blog. Also you can follow me on instagram @Jnine24, twitter @JeanineNewell and of course my Facebook Page Jeanine Newell Photography. See you on the road!