When nervous or in doubt, write a blog.

So it's day four in Colorado. I arrived amidst a fairly gnarly storm friday afternoon. We got 34 inches in 4 days! Being an advid snowboard I am super stoked about that, however as always whenever I take on a new job or change it can be a bit nerve wracking and take a moment to adjust. So far I really enjoy my new scenery (minus the elevation sickness). Tomorrow starts my first day of work learning about marketing and customer service with clients and athletes at Woodward's facility called the "Barn" located at Copper mtn. In addition to training I will be working the Woodward tent at a festival called "Colorado Days" this weekend in the center village. There I'll be getting people hyped on Woodward, it's sponsors, facilities and all it has to offer. I am so stoked to continue gaining knowledge and experience from one of my favorite employers and being able bring the energy and passion I have for this community to my winter lifestyle.
As a bonus I am also working/photographing a great event we have going on the following sat the 29th called "Remix". It'll be full of live music, free skatepark sessions, contests, prizes and more. Right now winter is turning out already to be a rewarding experience complete with challenges and awesomeness.
My only concern at the moment is fitting in all I need to do for my book with my work schedule, photographing and some playful bmx/snowboard down time. I know in my mind that I can do it all, I just need to keep telling myself one day at a time; one thing at a time. Up and moving ones life across the country while involved in intense deadlines and a large scale project to most may not seem like the smartest thing to do. However, to me it was exactly what I needed; new experiences, new people, a change of scenery and most of new paths of creativity. Yes, I miss my studio dearly ( i know it's only been 4 days but I REALLY love my art space). But don't fret I brought a box of art supplies with me and 3 sketchbooks. All I need now is to get into a routine and then... let the good vibes and creative juices flow. Time to relax with a movie and get ready tomorrow to my roller coaster career/life in Colorado.