Home Sweet Home... well for now.

So I have been in Colorado for a little over two weeks now and loving it. The people are friendly, smart, energetic and all around stoked on life. It is this vibe that has gotten me more amped in the last few days than I have been in years. Not to say that there aren't people or things that get me hyped back home, there are it is just nice to get that energy from a different environment for a little while.
Last week I worked mainly at Woodward Copper helping prep and work an annual event called "REMIX". It turned out to be a sick event with tons of pro's, demos, giveaways, free skate/tarmpoline sessions and all around happy people. When I wasn't working, thanks to mother nature I got the chance to ride some of the best if not the best snow conditions I have ever encountered in my life.So not only am I surrounded by hard working, genuine people, I am also living in a mountain town that is endless hours of entertainment on and off the mountain.
This week I am fortunate enough to have gotten approved for a media credential to photograph the Grand Prix Half pipe competition at Copper Mountain. Today I picked up my media credential and it felt like old times. Super stoked about standing in the cold for hours photographing pros and ams throwing down. Last time I shot an event like this it was the US Open in Vermont in 2011. The feeling is undescribable,to be able to capture a moment in time of an athlete soaring through the air it's like watching batman or another super hero do death defying stunts. At the same time it feels wicked awesome to get to feel weightless yourself while throwing a method or lofty three down the mountain. So far the best has been getting to ride trees after the huge storm we got last week.
What more can I say. Life is good; making new friends, reconnecting with old ones, networking, photographing, playing hard and partying hard. As they say in Costa Rica, Pura Vida!!!! Other than lack of oxygen (high altitudes) lack of sleep (working a ton) and lack of living space (living in a small room at the base of a lift mind you) life is feeling pretty grand right now. ( no pun intended, or maybe...). Time to organize my week, charge my equipment and put my mind set into rockstar status.