"Ashe in Wanderland" Teasers

The holidays are over and i can finally breathe. Work is slowing down a bit so I finally have some time to put my nose to the grind and work on "Ashe in Wanderland" again. I have spent the past few weeks trying to crank out all the legal blah that needs to be done in order to get this book off the ground. To date I have made great progress slowly but surely and now I am ready to start the "fun" part of my book, editing images and layout. In coordination with and also as part of my self-motivation plan to keep on track with my books timeline and publishing date, I have decided that for the next 9 months (just like a new born baby) I am going to try ( I use that word loosely) to stick to a schedule of releasing a teaser image with a potential quote from my book once every 2 weeks. This way I can keep my audience engaged without giving too much way and at the same time push myself to keep on track and stay organized with this project. So here is to starting off the year right.
Working Image: Red Queen/Film "Ashe in Wanderland"
Red Queen: "Soon you will realize that I am your savior not the White Queen! Give in now Ashe and I will take care of you or else you will end up washed up and dead just like your precious film."