Rest, revelations and realizations...

So I have been having a rough time sleeping lately, cannot shut my brain off. Partly because of work and partly because I am feeling pressured by this book. Everyday that goes by I have one or a few moments of clarity where I think " wow I am working on my first book. This is sick! Then I look over at my calendar and think holy crap it's February and I have to finish my book in the next few months ahhhhh!" Well, okay maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, or maybe not.
Yes, I am very good at deadlines (haven't missed one yet) and yes I feed off of the clock ticking and pressure. However, I also enjoy having the time and freedom to give all my projects, personal and professional 110%. Thus, my sleeping habits being well for lack of a better word sucky for the last few days. Then out of the blue I woke up Wednesday morning and it was like I had been hit by lighting; the ending to my book had made itself known. Granted I don't have all the details worked out yet, (in fact I still have a 2 page shot list I haven't done yet)but the jist of it all was starting to make sense. Thank god...sigh.
Now I feel as if I am getting somewhere and this whole journey does have a purpose. The hardest part now is scheduling time between all my professional jobs/assignments to finish shooting my material. Thankfully I have put together an epic cast who are not only flexible in their schedules but see my vision and are willing to put up with long hours, horrid temperatures, and interesting requests. Without them I would be toast.
So to no further ado I give you teaser #3 from my book "Ashe in Wanderland" to entice, entrigue and entertain. Enjoy.
"As Ashe wanders the desert in search of the white queen, she loses sight of Abigail & becomes entranced by the beauty around here."
"This is unreal, Ashe thinks to herself. Oh how I have longed for a day I could enjoy art without feeling pressured to capture it. This moment is mine & mine alone..."