Nearing the finish line, so to speak.

So I've decided to spend this Sunday afternoon wisely by photographing filler material for my book. This way I can spend my next 2 weeks before I leave for work in Pennsylvania, concentrating on my last two photoshoots for this project. I can't believe everything is coming to an end SO quickly (well it has been almost 2 years) but it feels like just yesterday I was plotting out the beginning of this book and now it's almost done.
In my mind I am getting more and more excited about the publication of this book. Yet, I also feel sad because to me (and I am sure I am not the only artist who feels this way) the actual making of the book seems more important than the end result. A great man, Mark Robert Halper once said "Vision is a process as much as an approach." Whether you believe it or not as an artist I feel the most excited and in tune with my art, photography and projects when I am fully immersed in them rather than when I am sitting back seeing the final piece. Don't get me wrong I will be breathing a long sigh of relief ( and probably having many less sleepless nights) after this book goes to print but then what? Asking myself this question at the moment feels like my face hitting a brick wall. I have been plotting, planning, shooting and involved in "Ashe in Wanderland" for over 2 years now (7 total if you count the moment I came up with the idea and first felt the need to publish a book)so what's next? I guess anything could be, right?
Well, for now I need to put all my attnetion and focus back on the present moment and when the time arises I am sure the "next great" idea or project with make itself known. So here is a photo of my DYI mini studio setup to photograph filler images for my upcoming book "Ashe in Wanderland" out this November. For more details follow me @
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