10 Simple Instructions to an epic hot day in the ADK

Today was a gorgeous sunny day; wicked hot and as I sat in my art studio typing away emails and morning business (while drinking coffee) all I could think about is being outside. I don't know about you but when it's too damn hot, I get cranky and its hard to concentrate on getting things done well. Thus, an idea was born! Here are very simple instructions for having an epic day in the ADK.
Step 1: Wake up, drink coffee, emails (business crap)
Step 2: Decide your body and brain need a day off!
Step 3: Text/call buddy (Bro) who you haven't seen in awhile and make VERY loose plans
Step 4: Grab adventuring gear (aka swim trunks, bikini & GoPro),adult beverages of choice.
Step 4: Meet up with said person, pack car, go adventuring, find body of water (with little effort)
Step 5: Crack open an adult beverage, sit in cold water, catch up on life.
Step 6: Grab camera of choice (This time was a GoPro Hero 3) play around with shooting cool angles.
Step 7: Set up and sit in camp chairs in water, philosify about lifes struggles, share new art concepts.
Step 8: Play with and photograph friends dog. (if applicable. if not borrow a furry friend)
Step 9: Pack up gear (leave no trace), enjoy ride home in silence, upload new photos.
Step 10: repeat steps 1-9 as necessary!