The Highs & Lows of Hotel Living

Being a professional photographer is like any other job, it has it’s good and bad days. Yes, most days I leave a photoshoot feeling like a rockstar however, some days can get a bit rough. Thankfully I am fortunate enough to work with many amazing fellow artists and photographers who are always there through it all. Without a solid support system whether it be family, friends or co-workers I don’t think I would be able to live the lifestyle I lead, traveling the country living the dream.
For the past 3 weeks I have been constantly on the road hopping from hotel to hotel, photoshoot to photoshoot trying to find moments of quiet amongst a whirlwind of early mornings and sleepless nights. During my travels I am still plugging away trying to put the finishing touches on my book “Ashe in Wonderland” at the same time shooting portraits, scheduling winter jobs/photoshoots and reconnecting with friends.
As stressful as it seems at times, at the end of the day it is all worth it. The smiles on clients faces when you have done a awesome job. The stoked feeling I get as I finish one more piece to what seems like the never ending puzzle that is my book. Not to mention the countless moments of laughter, banter and comradery shared over a cold beer at the end of the day with people who understand inside jokes about light meters, portrait posing and hotel life. As an added bonus I am fortunate enough to be traveling and living with my one of my best friends/partner in crime for the duration of this photography gig. For once it's nice to have someone to talk to, laugh with and overall share and understand my life, career, and goals with empathy and understanding. In many ways, it gives me a new perspective on my own future, the industry and why I enjoy and love being a professional artist/photographer so much.
On a side note I am stoked to be home for these past 24 hours to pick up my new camera body the Nikon D810 so that I can continue to capture the essence of my travels, trials and tribulations. In addition, I have had a moment catch my breath, relax and to rework my website promoting my book "Ashe in Wanderland" and my portrait page.
As the hours slowly melt away, I am stoked to spend yet another night in my studio, no morning alarm, on my schedule before departing tomorrow afternoon for my next hotel and new adventure. Here's to long hours, countless journeys, strong relationships and a job well done. Off to bed to sleep, dream and look forward to new projects, happy clients and many more epic days.