This the end. My only friend, the end.

As I sit in yet another hotel room collecting my thoughts at the wee hours of the morning, I am overwhelmed with a sense of calm and peace. Not five minutes prior to typing these exact words I have put the last nail in the coffin of what has been the most inspiring, challenging and humbling project I have done so far in my life. I hit the order complete button, ordering my first 101 copies of "Ashe in Wanderland" to be sold to friends, family and at my opening in just a few weeks. With that one tiny gesture I breathed the biggest sigh of relief yet at the same time shed a small tear feeling a twinge of ache in my heart as if it was a last goodbye.
Even though this chapter in my project and career is slowly reaching the finish line I can only see this as a sign of triumph; paving the way for my next adventure and chapter in the crazy rollercoaster ride that is my life as a photographer, artist and true wanderer. So it is only fair to end this short but sweet blog with one of my favorite song lyrics that completely sums up my mood:
"This is the end. Beautiful friend This is the end. My only friend, the end. It hurts to set you free, but you'll never follow me. The end of laughter and soft lies. The end of nights we tried to die. This is the end" -The Doors