V is for Victory.

So today was a glorious day. My first run of hardcover books of "Ashe in Wanderland" arrived at my art studio, in addition to my 5x7 prints and my 20x30 canvases. My book release/signing, gallery show is almost complete. Or so I thought... when I opened the books, they were amazing! I couldn't ask for anything better. The 5x7's also looked great. And then the big reveal; the canvases. When I ordered them I had a bit of difficult with 3 of the images acting weird, uploading with funky tones and color. However, after 3 tries I finally got them all to load right and ordered. Then today I opened the boxes one by one and to my surprise the same 3 images where WAY off in color! Thankfully I called the company right away and they were great, checking on the color errors and getting back to me about shipping a second set of canvases. Thankfully it was only 3 and not all of them.
At this point in my project, I feel like I have come so far that everything has to be perfect down to the last minuet detail. It sounds crazy, but I have put my heart and soul into this art piece and expecting nothing less than 110% from myself. It is a blessing and a curse to be so involved in and to have stared at the same collection of images for almost 3 years. Sometimes I close my eyes and see them in my sleep. But at last I must also let go and realize that the show, the book and this project are done. I have given my blood, sweat and tears and now it is time to celebrate my victory. So with that thought in mind I am going to peacefully fall asleep knowing all the pieces to the puzzle are at my house and once I get home on Thursday I will be putting together an epic show in celebration of "Ashe in Wanderland".
For anyone who is in the area or looking for something to do in New York next month, here are the details of my book release/signing gallery show:
November 13, 2015
5-7PM barVino
With Live Music: Brian Conway
272 Main St. North Creek NY, 12853
Books will be available day of the event or at:
For more info contact: jnewellphotos@gmail.com