Keep Moving Forward

Feeling semi-nostalgic as a I sit in the library of my hometown, checking email and doing work. My parents are kind of old fashion and don't have the internet so I have to get creative about when and where to do actual work not just checking stuff on my phone. Anyway, feels good to be home and visiting with family and friends for the holidays. One of the things that bums me out the most about traveling all the time is missing out on seeing the people closest to me. Balancing family, friends, a company and a full time career if you can believe it, is not as easy as it seems. Yet, after 10 years of being self-employed and a life time of traveling I wouldn't have it any other way.
On the plus side of traveling and working all the time I get to meet tons of amazing people of different cultures in different places that over time eventually become like extended family. So even though I may not get to see my blood relatives and parents as much as I would like, I do get to share many moments with people and friends whom I can consider also family all over the country. That in itself is special.
On a different note, after the last two weeks of my book release/gallery show,packing and organizing my studio/life, I am stoked to have a few minutes to sit back and finally enjoy my accomplishments. It wasn't until yesterday when I was hanging out with my grandpa and gave him my book as a gift, that it truly hit me that I did it! I completed my goal not only of creating, marketing, and publishing my first photography book all on my own, but also that I can share a little piece of me and my life with family and friends too.
Finishing this project through all its ups and downs makes me only more hyped and excited about fine art, projects, traveling and expanding my knowledge of photography and everyday life. I feel as if there is a new flame burning inside of me ready to get out there and shake things up a bit; to create more, share more and not to hold back.
As I head closer and closer to my winter destination at Copper mountain in Colorado, my excitement builds for new adventure, inspiration and the ever growing bond between people, art and happiness. I understand there will still be heartache, obstacles and even pain but without these things greatness can not be achieved.
So taking the good with the bad, the failures with the triumph I am going to keep moving forward to my next goal, with family and friends to surround me. Happy holidays everyone. See you on the road!