When Worlds Collide

Around 5:30am this morning when i was finishing putting my last 5x7 print for my "Ashe in Wanderland" show together, I realized this is it. My worlds are about to collide literally. In exactly a week from today my book releases on my website and at my art show. My thoughts, images and not to get too emo, but my heart will be open for all to view. In some ways that is the least scary part of this whole endeavor. The scariest part being the actual book release. At this moment I know of my parents, 2 of my models/friends from the book and a handful of my friends from my past lives in the city are arriving for some if not most of them their first taste of small town North Creek living. Throw into the mix my fairly large group of friends that have become second family to me since moving to the Adirondacks and bam; just like in my book my 2 halves are becoming one.
When you think about it in reality it is only fitting for my "city" family & friends to finally catch up with, meet and overlap with my north country family since I spend so much more time lately away from my art studio and home that the city in some ways is more home than ever. Yet, when I am in the Adirondacks, most of the time I feel like it is a separate part of me and my reality to which I don't want to taint by my fast pace, high intensity city living and vice versa. But I know in my heart and have discovered ( in some ways rediscovered) that the only way I can truly be happy is to allow both sides of me to embrace each other.
So subconsciously or not without further ado in one weeks time due to my creation of "Ashe in Wanderland" literally and physically I will spend one night (if not hopefully many more in the future) feeling whole as one complete person/artist living out her dream to one day make everyday a joyous celebration of life and the true pursuit of happiness.