The rollercoaster that is life.

Been in Colorado a little over a week and I couldn't be more stoked. The people are great, weather has been good (there's even snow to be had, sorry New York), and my job(s) are on point. What more can I say. It is times like these that remind me of how fortunate I am to be able to live the lifestyle I lead. Without amazing friends and family supporting me, awesome clients and gracious companies to work, for I wouldn't be the artist and person I am today.
That said I am looking forward to another epic winter full of crazy adventures, late night edits, backcountry trips (fingers crossed on more snow) and all around good vibes. Winters in general can be rough even in a place as beautiful as Colorado. Yet, through it all, I always try my best to keep a positive outlook and see even the smallest accomplishments as a success. This mentality is not only useful for making it through some intense winter days (New York negative numbers for days!) but also in life. Over this past year I have had many really amazing things happen to me, including a life long goal of self-publishing my first photography book and on top of that some wicked lows. However, without this on going balance of ups and downs, personally I feel as if life would be a little bit boring.
Think about it if we all were so content all the time and not having to reevaluate, change courses or correct ourselves to make things more enjoyable, people would be going through life like mindless zombies. That said I have decided since this winter I will have some down time ( now that the book is done) between shooting and working as a Foreman for Woodward Copper Barn Crew, that I want to challenge myself with a personal photo project. Two years ago while working managing the GoPro Digital Lab program at Woodward East I did a photo a day project using sonly my GoPro camera. With that in mind I am thinking of doing a similar project starting in January and ending sometime in April when I head home to New York for the Spring. Having some down time and a set art/photo goal in mind helps to get the creative gears turning and hypes me up for the months to come. So keep an eye out on here and my other social media
Facebook:Jeanine Newell Photography
and of course my website for upcoming cool projects, interesting adventures and words of wisdom. Let the snow continue...