Art & Fear

These last few weeks have been one crazy ride. Spring is around the corner; sun is shining and temps are warming up. Thus, everyone is for the most part in a good mood and waking up from winter hibernation. That is unless you're me who never gets a chance to catch up on sleep. Now more than ever life is happening at what seems like a light speed pace (It's March already. What happened to February?). Work at the Woodward Barn is moderately slow for the moment (until spring breaks start next week) yet my personal work and business have been hitting spurts of overtime and controlled chaos. To put it bluntly, life is art and art is life right now and there is no getting away from it. What once a mellow moment to catch up on business affairs, website maintanance and personal projects has turned into late night editing binges, multi day shoots,overlapping business meetings, and sadly one very expensive busted lens (RIP 70-200 2.8) that hopefully won't cost me an arm and a leg to send to Nikon for repairs.
And so my mother once told me, everything good always happens at once and man was she right. It's funny in that way; sometimes we wait for hours, days months even years for certain opportunities or moments to arrive and nothing. Then again when we are content with our surroundings and almost feeling caught up and refreshed BAM! Life hits like a freight train.
My latest endeavor is a project close to my heart. A few weeks back I did a promo picture of my close friend Angie Crum to promote women's skateboarding nights at Woodward Copper's Barn facility. It turned out to be great coverage for me and an all around boost to Women's skateboarding and participation at Woodward in general. On that same path, I was approached by one of my campers from Woodward PA, Noelle Edwards who is now all grown up (I've known her since she was 10 now she's 19!)and making a name for herself in the Snowboarding community.
Over the course of three days Noelle and I had a chance to reconnect, catch up and chat about life, photography, art and women's roles in the action sports industry as a whole. At the same time I began documenting Noelle shredding the twenty two foot Super Pipe, slaying Woodward Barn's mini ramp and over all just being the amazing woman and role model that I have grown to know for the last decade. With these images and thoughts of helping not only Noelle progress in the world of action sports but women in general, a project was born.
Tomorrow at noon Noelle and I will be walking into a meeting with one of my bosses and Woodward's media marketing rep to talk over project ideas,view sample images from our shoots and potential sponsorship for Noelle and promoting women's action sports to help take Woodward as a brand and spread it to a wider audience base. As I sit writing this I am full of mixed emotions. I am confident in my work; feeling prepared with suggestions and ideas for pushing this project to its fullest potential and at the same to a bit nervous and jittery (okay that might just be the second and third cups of coffee I had today). As always with all projects that I feel most passionate about there is a high level of risk and reward. So I need to just breathe, present my pitch with confidence, be open to suggestions and know that everything happens for a reason and no matter the outcome I have grown stronger in the process becoming a more mature and better photographer along the way.