Always room for improvement.

Throughout my whole life people have always said to me even if things work out as planned there is always room for improvement. The minute life and/or work start to feel stale or complete that is the moment (at least for me personally) that my body and mind kick into overdrive. My thoughts turn to reevaluation, and how to jump start that fire inside. Most people may be content with certain aspects of life such as steady job security, a perminant home,even a fixed daily routine. Me I am the complete opposite; a world wind of chaos with a hint of routine thrown in for good measure. Without that next stomach turning, pulse racing adventure my brain feels stagnant and my art/career start to suffer.
So over the years I have learned to train my brain and body to always keep searching, improving to make the best of every situation mundane or insane. With this practice I am able to find sanity amongst my chaotic,traveling on the move lifestyle. For example, right now I am working/teaching in the GoPro Digital Lab at Woodward Camp in PA, my job is a scheduled routine week after week yet, in my free time I am riding my bike, shooting, filming and creating new content professionally and personally. Even with some sense of standard practice to my day I am still shooting for the stars.
Life is a balancing act (especially once one becomes an adult)to enjoy the finer moments in life sometimes we have to put up with things that we may not like or that hinder our true happiness for a small moment, yet need to be taken care of to survive. When I find myself starting to feel down and out or "trapped" by certain consistancies, I look at projects or business affairs which I may have put aside or ignored in the past in favor for other more exciting things. Thus, putting my effort into these ideas or projects to improve them as a challenge to myself and my sanity. Everything has and can be made into an adventure you just have to change the way you look at it. No longer due I shun and shiver when hearing the words financial reports, website coding, taxes or profit margins. Instead they have just become an extension of my business/art/ career and are needed as much as darkroom printing, editing and shooting photos.
Maybe I am just maturing in life and my career or maybe I am finally come to the understanding that to be successful (and I don't just mean financially) in art/photography and my business, I need to see the bigger picture and to embrace the not so glamorous or intense parts of my work routine with small improvements and a positive outlook. This is not to say I will be slowing down, and/or giving up my sometimes crazy lifestyle for an office desk anytime soon. However, wherever I may be, whatever I may be doing, you can be certain that I will be doing it with pride and pushing my everyday limits to the test.