Push It to the Limit

After a month long hiatus and some well needed hermit time in my art studio in New York, I am feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to take on the world! Here I am am once again at the helm managing the GoPro Digital Lab at Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania. As I sit here writing this, it is day 3 of the oh so exciting part of my job (insert sarcasm here); setting up the lab, organizing gear, computers, layouts and the like. However, today is also the first day of camp which has given me that extra boost of energy I so needed to watch apple updates tick away and get stoked about the next 10 weeks.
With that in mind it is nice to see familiar faces and feel the energy and excitement from all the kids roaming around. An added bonus is I get to spend half the summer with my best friend Betsy as not only my partner in crime but also my co-worker in the lab. To already know that I have someone I can fully trust and count on to help me run this program smooth is a huge weight off my shoulders.
With confidence in my staff and my book published, I am feeling the itch to start a new project this summer. A few years back I took on a "photo a day" project using only my GoPro to capture important moments in my life at camp. This summer I am thinking of doing something similar to that idea with a twist. Tomorrow starts the official first full day for the kids and staff and with this I propose another "photo a day" project but this time with a theme. I will be shooting 1 portrait a day with only my GoPro (and the occasional accessory). With this project I will be exploring the idea of portraiture and not just in the traditional sense. The term portrait can be interpreted in many ways. Thus, it may include self-portraits, full portraits, creative angles or parts of a person's body or face. I have been photographing portraits for almost 20 years and love a good challenge. I am excited for the endless possibilities and challenges this will bring.
To motivate me as well as keep up the excitement and stoked for everyone else I will be posting my image everyday to social media accounts, plus making a gallery on my website www.jeaninenewell.com Even though I still have multiple projects I am working on from my travels this winter, it's good to have something on my plate that deals directly with the present; the GoPro Digital Lab. Just when i think I have learned almost everything about GoPro cameras something or someone comes along and shows me a new technique, setup or just helps me to refocus on the little things. In addition, I think it's important to always keep growing and learning in the environment you are in which for me in the summer is mainly GoPro and action sports. Here's to another epic summer of riding, photographing, making crazy video edits and pushing my creative process to the next level.