Feeding the Stoke

It has been almost a month since I arrived in Steamboat Springs Colorado for the winter. Life has been nothing but fast paced adventures including a new photo gig, apartment and few feet of fresh pow thrown in there for good measure. The scenery,community and riding here have been nothing short of breathtaking to say the least. With all these good vibes and distractions it has been a bit chaotic to stay on course with finishing up my east coast endeavors. However, better late than never I was finally able today to get the last few pieces of the puzzle completed on my latest project "Portraits: A Moment in Time" photography book.

This summer as some of you may remember (or not)I gave myself a small photo assignment as to keep my skills and hype up while teaching in the GoPro Digital Lab at Woodward Camp. As the summer progressed what was suppose to just be a nonchalant exercise in lighting, technique and composition took on a life of it's own. Each day I would look forward to creating sometimes simple, sometimes elaborate portraits only with the use of a GoPro camera. By the end of the summer I looked back on all my images and felt great pride and joy in what was suppose to be nothing significant yet turned into one of the best photo essay/projects I have created in a long time. Thus, to celebrate my stoke and hopefully to in turn spread the hype and excitement on to others, I have taken the all the portraits I created this summer, broke them down in to a "best of" book titled "Portraits: A Moment in Time" on sale now. To purchase a copy go to www.jeaninenewell.com under heading books. If you would like to view all the images they are under the heading Portfolio-GoPro Portraits 2016.

Time to get back to the present and submerse myself in my new environment to create, live, dream and keep progressing daily.