A New Perspective

Sometimes life is all about perspective. When something drastic happens or changes, one can either embrace the good or dwell on the negative. As an artist I feel it is important to express these changes whether good or bad to help others (and myself) cope with pain, joy, triumph and loss by documenting the things or people who create these feelings.
Lewis Carroll once wrote, “It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” ... And it is so true. Sometimes we do unfortunately repeat the past yet, if we are paying close enough attention hopefully we will learn something from it that will help better ourselves in the long run. To me, art is is a great escape and help in dealing with events in our lives that may not have gone exactly as we would like them to.
To sit back and try to ponder on why certain things work out while others don't is just utter torture. I remember back to sitting down to write the first draft of my media credential proposal to Burning Man Arts Committee and in that moment thinking is it worth the pain to go through the process if I don't get it and my dream of creating a book dies before it begins. After a good few moments of questioning the value of my worth, I realized that second guessing myself was normal yet stupid. Only when we take those giant leaps forward or break from our routine does one truly realize their potential; the true risk of is it worth it. And in that moment I vowed that if I ever put myself in that position again where I doubted my worth, I would step back breathe and give em hell. Not only to prove to myself that I can overcome anything but also to show others that even in the darkest hours there is light at the end of the tunnel.
As I sit here on my bed looking across the room at my roommate/best friend's stuff I am awe struck at the strong contrast and differences between us. Yet, I know that deep down these differences are what make us work as a team and strengthen our relationship. The same goes for an artist and their work. If you can take a moment in your busy day and step back to acknowledge the bigger picture you will see that without having that balance in life, artwork would be emotionless and incomplete. Ani Difranco stated it best when saying, 'Cause I know there is strength in the differences between us and I know there is comfort where we overlap..." Thus, it is time for me to take a step back reevaluate and put all my emotions back into my artwork. With that I will be able to clear my head and focus with a new perspective.