Real inspiration has no hours...

Inspiration comes in many forms whether it be a song we hear, something we see, a phrase or word among many other things. Once that certain thing has happened it is like a plan or idea is set in motion. In the last few days, all of the above occurred and helped to give me focus on many things. First and foremost, a new spark for photographing. Not just photographing for the sense of my daily occupation and income but something deeper. A want and need to create images that express human emotion, connection and purpose. This is not to say that these themes aren't present in my daily work just that when I am out with a camera during my downtime there can be a different way of viewing material. For example, the other night a handful of photographers I work with and I all went downtown to just shoot random portraits and see what came of it. We all had a few broad ideas of what we wanted out of the night but for the most part it was the excitement of just exploring and creating. At times I felt like I was in college again, playing with multiple cameras, figuring out what worked and what didn't and just feeling out my surroundings. In addition, my roommate/best friend was also shooting and just watching her and our friends interact, create and pass ideas around put the hugest smile on my face.
When I first started doing photography professionally I had this fear that doing what I love and am passionate about for a living was going to be my downfall. That I was going to get weary and frustrated with photography and be ruined by the corporateness of the industry. Fortunately, that has yet to happen. Yes, there have been jobs, bosses, even clients who may have tarnished a small portion of that passion temporarily or put a bad taste in my mouth, yet at the end of the day I can still proudly say that I love making art for a living and could not see myself doing anything else.
On the flip side it is still tough sometimes to step back and truly appreciate all the many wonderful experiences, images and work I have created because there is no separation from passion versus professionalism. So personally I feel it is very important every now and then to have an inspirational moment to bring you back to the creative flow that once was before art became life and life became art. I am looking forward to more aha moments in the future to reopen my creative flow and generate new areas of focus in not only my personal work but also contribute to my commercial work. Finding a happy balance in life wlll continue to be a struggle but is worth the effort for the reward of being able to do what I love everyday.
"Real Inspiration has no hours. A true artist knows that."-Maya Hart