Challenge Accepted; No Regrets.

I have been silent for too long. My mind and body have been through a wave of emotions lately. I am moving, shaking and digesting all the important information and happenings around me. Now, at this moment I am finally able to step back, and breathe. The last few months have been anything short of a rollercoaster ride. The ups and downs vigorous and sometimes violent yet, always ending in some form of conclusion or happiness. I am finally calm and at peace with myself, my surroundings and the people around me. Yet, now is the time to leave.
The word leaving most of the time gets a bad connotation and it shouldn't. To leave a place, job, person, home is not always a bad thing. For me, most of the time when I am leaving somewhere, someone or something it is to pursue better things and to push myself and my boundaries in a forward direction. This brings me back to what I was saying earlier. I have put the strain, stress and BS of these last few months in the past, learned from it, lived and am ready for my next journey.
In just a few short days I will be taking on yet another life changing situation and lifestyle choice. My roommate/best friend and I are moving out of our apartment to go spend the next few months living out of our backpacking tents in Buena Vista Colorado. I will be photographing paddling/kayaking festivals including the GoPro Games in Vail, as well as other outdoor adventure sports with the hopes of building a strong and successful client base and community out on the West Coast.
My heart and my body are over the moon happy about this decision. I am looking forward to beautiful sunrises and sunsets out my tent, eating healthier and growing as kayaker/paddler and adventure sport photographer. As well as taking some time off to myself to reevaluate my business and work on my side project "What is home?". At the same time, my brain is going a mile a minute trying to figure out how I will organize daily tasks for work with no "house" internet connection or studio to rely on. The best thing for me to do right now is to go with the flow and know that in the back of my mind things will work themselves out when balancing my work/business and a minimalist outdoor lifestyle.
This will definitively be a challenge, one I have not come across recently or to this level. But, I feel that by taking on something like this were I have to focus and gain control within how I run and operate my business and keep myself healthy, happy and whole is just another stepping stone in the right direction to living my life to the fullest. The way I see, it the more time I spend frolicking around in my comfort zone taking on mundane task/jobs the less likely I am to push myself as an artist/business owner and all around person. Thus, by throwing all the comforts of modern home life out the window, not only can I test my personal limits but also professional ones as well. Bertoldo said it best, " Talent is cheap; dedication is expensive. It will cost you your life." I am ready, challenge accepted. No regrets.