The Evolution of an Artist

Change is inevitable, how you deal with it though is anything but predictable. I ‘ll be the first to sit here and say 2017 has been one hell of a challenging year; not good nor bad just exciting. Each time I come across a new task, problem or adventure my first thought has been, how can I spin this to be a good experience or to say the least a learning one. And yes I have had my share of learning things the hard way recently. However, through it all, one important idea I have adopted to my life is that to think positive is to be positive. And if all else fails, it’s okay to say forget it and start over.
So in lieu of my new found ideology and faith in humanity, I have officially decided to set out on my next big adventure and begin the process of shooting a second photography book (sequel) to my first book “Ashe in Wanderland”. To many this may seem like a big undertaking considering I just published my first book back in 2015 and that took three years to make. And yes, originally in my mind I was going to take a breather and concentrate on other personal/professional projects but the universe had other ideas.
Recently I have been running around crazy with portrait contracts, traveling and finishing up editing/video work from Colorado yet, most nights when I fell into bed exhausted from the day I couldn’t shake the feeling that something in my life felt a little off. I wasn’t necessarily feeling stagnant ( trust me work has been anything but boring), it just felt like it was time to switch things up again. So without skipping a beat I began making a list of equipment upgrades I have been putting off (ie. buying a new computer), people I have sadly been neglecting to hang out with (either due to work overload or being in a different state living), and physical upgrades to make myself feel more confident.
What does any of this have to do with commercial work or photography, everything actually. Personal life and work need to sometimes go hand in hand. Thus, to put my best foot forward work wise, one must be content and confident personally (especially being an artist where my brand is me). Never the less my new journey has begun. As I sit here writing this on my new laptop with a few weights lifted off my shoulders (literally chopped/shaved a good portion of my hair off) slowly but surely I am starting to feel invigorated to take on the world. It’s amazing what a few minor changes in appearance and routine can do to push one’s creativity and inspiration.
Emotionally and mentally I am ready for whatever comes next. Sending out positive vibes, giving 110% with my current employers, and going with the flow. As an artist, the best way to take on the bad is to turn into art. Release the demons as they say. So with new found confidence, updated technology, and a whole lot of ambition, “Ashe’s Rising” (book 2) has begun! George Shaw said it best “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”