East Coast Living

Being back on the East Coast can only be described in one word, surreal. Between sub zero temperatures, waking up in the same place and having a somewhat consistent routine(when was the last time I could say that) being back in my art studio has been quite the adventure so far and I have only been home for about 2 weeks! Yet, even though it has taken a bit getting used to, to be quite honest it is refreshing (other than the frigid temps). So I have to say right off the bat no regrets coming back East (other than the arctic cold). Did I mention it's really cold in New York (okay okay I think I have made my point). Anyway, with the New Year officially behind me and work slowly trickling in, I am starting to feel at ease with myself. I will admit, the first few nights here, it was hard to sleep with so many ideas, thoughts, and worries running around in my head. However, now that I have had time to sit back, unpack, organize my schedule and look at the bigger picture, life and work are making more sense.

On the flip side I am struggling just a bit (as all us East Coasters are) to maintain a level of stoke about winter when I see it snowing outside yet, the temps are so cold that it is nearly impossible to enjoy it. However, this week is looking up. Forecasts are showing "normal" temps (aka above freezing) so I am maximizing my work load during the frigid days hoping to spend this week adventuring and exploring amongst my backyard. It has been 5 years since I have spent a winter on the East Coast, so to me it is like seeing the Adirondacks with fresh eyes. With that said, I have so many project ideas to incorporate with winter activities it's hard sometimes to control my excitement.

On a similar note to help with not going stir crazy, I decided to reincorporate the original reason I got into snowboarding in the first place back into my life; skateboarding! Unfortunately and fortunately this summer was so good for whitewater and kayaking it didn't leave much down time to skate. So my skating and skills have been on the back burner for some time. Thus, I scrounged in my basement for some spare wood and created my own DIY skate bench for my studio. Granted I am beyond blessed to be living and able to have/afford a studio the size I have (about 750 Square feet). What once was an old store front of my good friend/business partner's house is now you guessed it my home sweet home. So taking full advantage of the space has definitely been a main goal of mine, not just for this winter but in the past 6 yrs I have had it. I am happy to report that even taking some time off from skating it's slowly starting to all come back to me and I am beyond excited to make it a staple of my everyday life again.

Just last night I had a chat with a good snowboard/skate buddy of mine who I met my first season out at Copper Mountain. Looks like a skate/film trip to North Carolina is in the works for this coming March! I guess I better start working on my heel flips. Anyway, throughout all the family/holiday stuff, moving home to New York, climate extremes, and minor internal freak outs ( yup those happen sometimes). I am feeling very blessed and fortune going into 2018. No matter what is thrown my way, change is inevitable and I think I am finally starting to embrace it! Here's to studio life (for a few months) and enjoying each day's struggles and rewards. Let the adventure continue!