The Beauty Right in Front of You

Sometimes we don't realize that what we are searching for is right in front of us the whole time. Recently this notion has become more apparent than ever. I travel a ton, meeting and seeing so many beautiful people, places and things. However, when I come home I forget that there are also beautiful things, places and people right in front of me. I try my hardest not to take advantage of the many pleasures and beauty that is my home/art studio in the Adirondacks yet, I still find myself getting caught up in the travel bug; searching and searching, wandering for the next greatest thing. Well, maybe the next epic adventure is right out my own front door.
I moved to New York and the Adirondacks almost 11 years ago with the intentions of making a home base to operate my business out of, and a place to come home after months on the road where I could relax, recuperate and recluse. And my art studio in the ADK has done just that job. However, when I think back to first arriving here, it was more than just a location to return to, it was an new experience. As the years went by I saw less and less of my New York home and began to drift away from the romanticism of the Adirondacks and my art studio. Fast forward to today and I am sitting here at my office desk feeling as if I have come full circle.
This winter I left my home in Colorado to come back to my art studio to work, play and figure a few things out. Granted, forgetting what winter on the East Coast is like (cold and harsh at times) let's just say it was not my idea situation. But, I stuck it out and learned a thing or two personally and professionally about where my life/career is headed. Jump to present day and I am stoked to be sharing my East Coast home and lifestyle with my best friend Elisa, who is my heart and soul when we live out West. With fresh blood (aka Elisa) with me in New York for the summer it has open my eyes to looking at my Adirondack home in a whole new perspective. By being able to show her a different lifestyle and landscape then she has ever experienced before (She was born and raised in CO) it has lit a fire under me that has been extinguished for quite some time.
With that said it also makes me a little sad that I have not taken the time to truly enjoy the experiences and people around me in New York. Thus, I am dedicating this summer to living in the present moment, pushing my self and my career to another level through my surroundings in the Adirondacks. Adventure to me for the most part has always been participating and photographing high octane activities/sports all over the country. Now is the time for me to step out of that comfort zone and maybe experiment with adventures that hit a little closer to home. This is not to say I am not going to be paddling crazy rapids, skateboarding or photographing epic events. It just means that I am going to try to incorporate a different side of my life which I have been ignoring for quite some time; The smaller, maybe even quieter moments like campfires with friends, day hikes, and the beauty of nature right out side my door. With Elisa by my side, map and camera in hand I am ready to shake things up a bit and see what kind of images and memories I can make of this beautiful place that I call home.