The Summer of Yes.

One minute I am visiting family having an awesome weekend away from the hustle of work and life. The next minute I am on the side of the road in Brooklyn at 6am with my car busted wondering "how did I get here?" The truth of the matter is that life is and will forever be an unknowing, all encompassing roller coaster. If you can't take the good with the bad then you are going to have a really rough time.
Basically in less than 24 hours my world got flipped upside down. Life was going amazing. I participated in helping the rafting company I work for, Square Eddy Expeditions complete their first raft in hike out overnight trip; got to take a weekend off (unheard of when you're self employed)and visit family I haven't seen in a while and had an epic relaxing time. And then got into an accident with my car in Brooklyn in the wee hours of the morning. Frustrating yes; heartbreaking most definitely; end of the world... nope just another bump in the road on this thing we call life.
As many of you who follow my adventures know, I travel a ton. So having safe and secure transportation is key in my career. Thus, most would assume that I would be in a state of devastation right now. And yes, I am upset however, call it maturity; growth or just a different piece of mind, but I feel calm and ready for whatever comes next. Part of that I can thankfully say is because of my family for being beyond supportive in this challenging time and part of it is having my best friend Elisa by my side to make me laugh and show me that everything will be okay and work out as it should; not to take things that are out of my control too seriously for it will only make matters worse. In the end cars, and things can be replaced but people can't.
So not to get to sappy but I sit here and ponder many scenarios for the road ahead of me and at the same time at the moment I am thankful to be blessed with so much work to keep me preoccupied from what may be a bleak outcome. All in all if I have learned anything in the last week it is to not be afraid to say yes to unknown or sudden opportunities because good or bad you will never know the true outcome unless you try. And if perchance you end up in a not so good place, always know that the ones who truly love you will be there day and night to hug you, make you laugh, celebrate your victories and also hold you when you cry. Being sad or bummed out is not a weakness it is just another part of this ever evolving roller coaster we call life. Without the struggle we would all become complacent and dull. "The struggles of today develop the strengths of tomorrow." Let the adventures continue.