Top Ten Reasons to Adventure.

I have officially been on the road for almost 3 months now. Homeless and happy is how I like to refer to it. Back in November 2018 I got rid of my art studio in New York and started my long awaited venture to permanently uproot myself and business to my other home in Colorado. So far things have been going great with only a few minor bumps in the road. So in honor of a new year and my recent travel adventures including but not limited to me riding/photographing/visiting 4 states, 8 mountains and enjoying countless cups of coffee, I have made a list of the top 10 reasons one should get out and adventure. This is not to say that we all need to uproot our entire lives move, across country and start over. In fact the opposite. Everyone now and then just needs a little away time to reflect, regroup and figure out what and who is truly important in their lives. So without further ado, here we go...
1. Leaving your comfort zone makes you think and helps broaden horizons.
2.Memories last longer than objects.
3.It's not as expensive as people make it seem. Do the research, make friends, be smart about your spending and you can go anywhere!
4.Exercise; moving and grooving doesn't have to be a chore it can be fun. Search out hikes, snowboarding, snowshoe runs, even a walk in the park to get your body and brain on the next level. The gym isn't the only answer to a healthy body and brain.
5.Meet new people! This is by far one of my favorites. Learning about a place you have never been or no little about from a local is a treat. They can share with you hidden spots to ride, favorite bars/restaurants and make your adventure feel like coming home.
6.Inspiration. Whether you are in a rut at school, work or home give yourself a fresh look on things through an adventure. It doesn't have to be a crazy cross country trip or flight to Europe; it can be as simple as taking a walk in a different neighborhood or going to visit that long lost friend/or relative in the next state over.
7.Food. Who doesn't love great food and drinks. Tired of the same old pizza or Chinese every weekend or late night meal. Get wild and crazy and go for a little drive to the new Thai place a few towns over. If you are feeling really adventurous, you can make a full mini road trip revolving around your favorite foods in different places or states. Better yet make a trip purposely to eat only specialty food/drinks in specific states.
8.Landscapes/Perspecitve Ever been to the salt flats of Utah or seen rocky mountains? No well why not! Or the opposite ever been in a real city surrounded by everything at your finger tips or been on a subway? Take in all the places, structures, objects in your everyday surroundings and venture to something unfamiliar and unique to you. My best friend grew up surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and dessert plains of Colorado so I brought her to spend time in New York with me; seeing vasts densest forests of the Adirondacks and skyscrapers of NYC gave her a different perspective on her environment. In turn, I moved to Colorado for the winter 5 years ago and she showed me what her upbringing was like in Colorado.
9.Relieving stress. City nights, noise and chaos making you have heartburn? Suburbia making you complacent? Are the mountains making you feel lonely wishing for more interactions? All of these feelings can be fixed with just a simple drive, walk, bus or plane to your next adventure. I for one love the mountains as much as the city but need both in relative distance to feel complete. So when one space starts to get stressful I just make small little moves to the other and find some inner peace to feel calm again. It doesn't take rocket science or tons of money, just free will , desire and motivation. This can all happen in an hour, day , week or months at a time.
10.Freedom. We all can get caught up in life, work, careers, relationships, family matters. It is easy to become overwhelmed, even to the point of depression. So it is all about finding those moments of escape or release. Even for a few hours or a day.Your body and mind will thank you.

Moral of this post, anyone is capable of adventure big or small all you need is a little push and you are on your way. In addition, personally, for me to keep a sound mind and body it is necessary to breathe, move, try new things and be set free. Find your niche, your motivation and you too can be on your way to the next great adventure! And for anyone looking for that push or a buddy to travel with, hit me up I am here and willing to wander.