Travel Gear Necessities for 2019

So I am in San Fransisco for the week for work and have a day off to catch up on a few things. While I was drinking my morning coffee and enjoying the sites and sounds of downtown from my friends living room, I noticed how beautifully perfect the lighting was today. It is kind of overcast here and most people would think that is a bad thing. However, I have been shooting photography long enough to know that an overcast day can be a perfect lighting day; no harsh shadows or highlights and even toning throughout. Thus, this afternoon I decided to create two images of my travel gear layed out on the nice hard wood floor. I mean come on who doesn't love a good gear photo. Quite honestly, I can't even count the amount of times someone has come up to me and asked what type of equipment I shoot with. So for all you fellow gear heads here you go, a 411 on my 2019 Travel setup and GoPro setup.
GoPro Setup:
Camix Hard case /Gopro Hero 5 Camera /Skeleton Case /Hard Lens Cap /Floaty Back /Camix Dual Battery Charger /GoPro charger Cable /Remote/Cable /3 Batteries /Tripod Mount /Flat Sticky Mount /Extra screw /Dust Cloth /Hard Pelican SD/Micro SD Case /Water Tether Mount /2 San Disk Micro SD Cards (32GB) /1 Lexar 300x Micro SD Card (32GB) /2 Micro SD Adapter Cards.
Travel Setup:
Dakine Heli-Pro 32L Backpack /Nikon 70-200ED 2.8 /LensPen DSLR Pro Kit /Leather Man Tool /2 Lexar Pro 800x 8GB Cards /2 Lexar Pro 800x 16GB Cards /Hard Pelican CF Card Case /1 San Disk Ultra Pro 32GB SD Card /Nikon Lens Cloth /2 Nikon Lithium ion Batteries /8 Sanyo Rechargable AA Batteries /Sanyo AA Battery Charger /Gnarbox External Drive /Nikon D810 Camera Body /Vivitar D810 Grip / Nikon SB800 Flash /Nikon Battery Wall Charger /Nikon 16mm 2.8D /Nikon 24-70 ED 2.8 /Camera Strap /Nikon SC-17 Sync Chord /Business cards /Energy Bar (Honey Stinger).
So that's about it. Simple and sweet; tried and true. Just the basic necessities that I need for most shoots this winter while I am traveling so much on the road. Occassionaly I will add or subtract a few items including a tripod, gorilla pod, selfie stick or 17-28 2.8 sigma lens that I sometimes enjoy. But I like to make use of multi purpose items as much as possible and to save weight and space. When you are scaling a mountain or running a river it is especially important to travel efficiently and lightweight. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my nerdy side of life. Feel free to comment below, email me at and/or hit me up on my instagram @jnewellphotography with any questions you may have about gear or air high fives. Time to pack up and get ready for tomorrow's adventure.