The Love is Real

Family is everything; at least in my eyes. And no I am not just talking blood relatives; aunts and uncles who you see once a year at a holiday party. To me family is more than that. The word alone encompasses not just my mom, dad, brother, niece & nephews, it involves close friends as well. In the last three months during my transition and permanent move to the West Coast I have been on a crazy roller coaster ride, traveling between multiple states and time zones relying on close friends and family for help. In this time I have come to learn that family is an extention of one's heart and happiness. It is more than just a description of a relative. It is a motion, a moment in time, a roof over my head, a job offer, a friendly smile, even a warm embrace after a long day.
When i was younger all I wanted was to be independent and free. Free from my family; free from obligations to reunions, holiday parties, birthdays. I felt trapped by the love and scared to let people in; to feel included. Now that I am older and living 1300 miles physically away from my immediate family, sometimes I long for those moments when my mom or dad would hold me to a gathering or backyard picnic. Fortunately for me, in this time of transition I have been blessed with a second "family". My best friend's family has taken me in as their own and embraced my eccentric and somewhat unique lifestyle and career; no questions asked. They have allowed me the freedom to begin my next journey across the country without fear or hesitation and I can not thank them enough. All the while my family on the East Coast is there with full support every step of the way. In addition to their kindness and love I have come across a handful of friends, some of whom I haven't been able to see or be in touch with for years. Yet, just like it was yesterday, somehow we have reconnected and grown stronger, wiser together. Without these people my true family, I wouldn't be able to push myself and career to the next level; to grow as a person and artist and for that I will always be grateful.
So even in the bad times, hard times, times I feel most weak, I feel stronger knowing who truly has my back, can love and support me for me. With this knowledge I feel that collectively as my friends, East and West Coast family, are only going to grow and prosper through all the hate, all the sadness and keep moving forward to better each other. Through this whole journey if there is one major thing that I have taken away from it is that to embrace change knowing that there are people around you who will help you up when you fall and cheer you on when you succeed no matter the cost. Those are the people to celebrate, create and live for because in the end we are all just trying to live the dream. Let the adventures continue!