Art in a New Light

So it is not by chance but by choice I sit here now after months away, writing this blog. No apologies; no excuses. Social Media burn out is in fact a reality and hit me pretty hard this past winter. After months of travel, shooting, networking and shredding, my body and brain deserved a much needed rest. Instead I decided to focus my time and energy into a passion that I have put off for way too long, glassblowing. Seeing as digital, tech, cameras, computers, social media and yes even my phone are my main outlets for work and income I needed something in my life to balance the digital overload. With that I chose for the last two months to refrain (for the most part) in partaking in Social Media.
As of a month ago I began my journey into Glassblowing and what I hope to become my second career. With this medium I am fully engrossed in hands on techniques using in some ways archaic practices to create art in a whole new light. The comfort, excitement and joy I have gotten recently from working with glass, has rejuvenated in me my love and passion for art. In no way am I saying my photo career is over, in fact taking up an art form that is the complete opposite has only made me stronger. The ying and yang of working with my hands and digitally has instilled in me a peace and calm that was once lacking. With Glassblowing now in my life, I feel less burnt out and frustrated by my photo career and instead motivated and powerful.
As I have always been told and have even stated myself, "doing what you love for a living is riding a fine line between a blessing and a curse. Burn out is real whether you are an artist, athlete, businessman or homemaker everyone needs and deserves a break.Yet, at the same time I am blessed to be able to travel and live as a full time artist. With this new spark, I hope to not only start a second successful career as a Flameworker (Glassblower) but push and inspire my photography career to the next level as well.
If there is anything I have learned in these last few months, it's that change is not always your enemy. Sometimes taking that leap of faith and shaking everything up is a great thing. Being afraid or nervous about starting something new is normal and should be embraced not shied away
from. The time is here; the time is now. Go do the one thing you have been dreaming about for years. Who knows maybe it'll enhance your current life and career or maybe it'll ruin it. But either way you will have learned something from it so then you can grow as a person and move on. Cheers to taking that next step towards living the dream.